Artisan Businesses

My photographs of artisan businesses represent a fusion of two earlier areas of interest: portraiture and the industrial landscape. My goal is to show the interaction between artisans and their materials.

Visual Artists at Work

Unlike artisans in a business setting, these visual artists do not have managers or profit goals to deal with. But the interaction with materials by a skilled creator is very much the same. I see this as a parallel project to my photographs of artisan businesses. Here are three highly respected visual artists at work in their studios.

Musician Photographs from Marlboro

For a number of summers, I have had the privilege of taking portraits of musicians who come to study and perform together at the Marlboro Festival in Southern Vermont.

Cooking for Change

In 2010 I was asked to contribute photographs to illustrate Doris Friedensohn's book "Cooking for Change." This book tells the story of the Community FoodBank of New Jersey's Food Service Training Academy, a free program to provide inner-city residents with the job skills needed to get work in the food service industry.

Portraits in the Warehouse

These are portraits of students in the Community FoodBank of New Jersey's Food Service Training Academy. They were taken between the 20-foot high rows in the FoodBank's 7.5 acre warehouse.

Farnams Mill

An abandoned limestone processing plant in the Berkshires – alas, now torn down.

Downtown Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson is best known for The Great Falls and for the buildings that tell of its industrial past. The downtown area is also fascinating. After the Great Paterson Fire of 1902, the prosperous city of Paterson saw extensive rebuilding of the downtown area. In 2011 when these photographs were taken, there was an active retail trade at street level. The upper floors of the office buildings stood largely vacant.

Installation Photographs

Installation Shots from "A New Jersey Textile Mill in the 21st Century" and the "Cooking for Change" installation at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.