Tamiko Kawata

From Tamiko Kawata’s Artist Statement: Through my artwork, I am searching for another vision and another way of thinking for my life in the expressive space between installation works, sculptures and wall works. I like to use overlooked indigenous objects from our daily life as my media... My works are personal; I work in large and small scales in belief of their potential for intimacy. They are my visual diaries.

I have attempted to capture this sense of intimacy – to show Tamiko Kawata’s relationship to the materials she uses as she creates her art.

Patricia Leighton

From Patricia Leighton’s Artist Statement: Patricia Leighton has been making art in the public realm for over 25 years, creating large-scale permanent commissions worldwide, which relate to the history of a given site and the relevant environmental and ecological conditions... Whether seen quickly from a vehicle, or pondered at length, the works captivate their audience and instill contemplation.

My photographs show Patricia Leighton as she conceptualizes her work and creates models of what will become large-scale installations.

Chinese Paper Cutting: Xin Song

Paper cutting is a folk art that developed in China no later than the sixth century AD. The first four photographs show a group of women who do paper cutting at a teahouse on a pedestrian bridge in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, China. I photographed them on trips to Sichuan in 2017 and 2019.

The next eight photographs show Xin Song, an artist who was raised in Beijing and now works in New York City, in her studio at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Xin Song uses paper cutting as a jumping off point for her artwork that includes large installations in public spaces.